Lorenzo Pompa / Marc Sabat Epistolae Cucumeris (2010), szenery/edition - Artist book and CD. Gradually pitch shifted music loop for violin solo, accompanied by violin choir and electronic tones. Two superimposed live field recordings, commissioned by Lorenzo Pompa, Dauer: 37'39'', Edition of 300 numbered and signed booklets with CD, Plain Sound Music Edition.

The scenery is assembled from a sculpture and a piece of music. A cucumber in coarse salt is slowly dessicating and in this process exuding ist juice and a delicate perfume. This action is presented in a glass vitrine mounted on a wooden block. Released juice drips out from a prepared corner of the vitrine and causes a salt stalagtite to be formed. At the same time the sculpture is serenaded by a music composed in two parts: a showering melody of harmonics played by a violin choir accompanied with electronic tones; a solo violin line slowly climbing upward and extruding complex harmonies by precisely tuning itself to the choir. Both layers are gradually shifted down in pitch to create a spiralling loop, which is both rising and falling at the same time.
This music is projected over speakers so the counterpoint becomes audible in close proximity of the vitrine. Within both visual and audible components, a progressively intensifying exchange between several elements is deployed, leading to the emergence of something unexpected: the letters of a cucumber, »Epistolae Cucumeris«.