James Tenney / The Solo Works for Percussion,
Matthias Kaul, percussion; Rüdiger Orth, tape-delay-system (on 5)

1 Maximusic (1965) 5:40
2 Ergodos II for tape and percussion (1963-64) I 2:10
3 Koan: Having Never Written A Note For Percussion for tam-tam(1971) 17:20
4 For Percussion Perhaps, Or ... (1970-71) 19:05
S Deus Ex Machina for percussion and tape-delay-system (1982) 22:00

James Tenney ..... Was hier erklingt ist eminent geistig...Hamburg Szene
Tenney’s percussion pieces could be regarded as a veritable collection of topoi of the American
experimental tradition. Central ideas of the U.S. avant-garde – the reduction of complexity, the use of space and room resonance as musical parameters, re-definition of the use of technology, re-integration of the roles of composer and performer, indeterminacy and non-subjectivity, liberation of silence from its traditional subordinate role in music-are adapted and transformed in concise and creative ways. (Peter Niklas Wilson)

Total Time 77:00

Co-Production: Hessischer Rundfunk, Frankfurt/Hat Hut Records Ldt.,Therwil;
Digital recording August, 1997 at Sendesaal Hessischer Rundfunk;
Recording supervisor: Christoph Claßen; Sound engineer: Rüdiger Orth;
CD-master by Peter Pfister; Liner notes by Peter Niklas Wilson; Photo by Achim Duwentäster; Graphit concept by fuhrer vienna; Produced by Bernd Leukert/Pia & Werner
X. Uehlinger, 1998